Traditional Reiki Master teacher

Traditional Reiki Master teacher

Vivian’s healing and intuitive gifts were evident from an early age.  Born into a family of healers--from her grandfather to extended family members--in her homeland of Costa Rica, energy work has always been an essential part of her life.

Vivian, bilingual in English and Spanish, studied teaching at Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencia y Tecnología, philosophy at the Universidad de Costa Rica and medicine at Universidad Internacional de Las Américas. She received all levels of her Reiki certifications at the Northwest Healing Studio in Seattle, USA. There she also learned other energy healing modalities such as chakra balancing, energy medicine, ancient Hawaiian healing and Light weaving. Vivian also has a specialization in End-of-Life-Care.

In addition to her formal training, growing up in Costa Rica, living in the United States and now Colombia, along with traveling in Europe and Africa have shaped her understanding of healing, questioning and teaching the truths that every human has about the meaning of life.

Session of Reiki

These decades of studying, training and traveling culminated with the founding of the Reiki Energy Studio enabling Vivian to integrate her love of Eastern and Western philosophies, medicine, and teaching into one powerful healing practice.

Students and clients from all over the world have benefitted from her cherished desire to “hold the light for those who ask for it,” maintaining the highest ethical standards and abiding by the Universal Laws as she honors the path of all who come to her studio.

The Reiki Energy Studio, in an unassuming building in the Laureles area of Medellin, Colombia, is truly a “lighthouse” providing a safe and secure space for those actively looking for healing, especially those navigating rough waters.

Because it is a consecrated space, it is a “house of Light” and those who visit will experience the Love and Light that is there. The first room is the dojo where students are taught, also, all the workshops and meditations take place here. This room is enlightened by a torii, a Japanese Shinto shrine that embodies and reminds students and clients of the sacredness of the space. At the back of the dojo, two steps down and closer to the earth, is the Reiki Room where one-on-one healing takes place.

There is also a kitchen so students can store their snacks, microwave a meal, or sit and enjoy a cup of tea.

And present at the studio during classes is Pato, a gentle 3 ½-year-old dachshund/fox terrier mix and Reiki dog. Pato takes on a variety of roles as a co-healer, a therapy dog, and a grounding force for Vivian and her students.

Vivian Quijano - Reiki Master Teacher