Programa Reiki en Acción

The PRAs will continue virtually.

Content of the Workshop

Programa Reiki en Acción (PRA) is a free monthly continuing education opportunity offered to all students who have received a Reiki certification through the Reiki Energy Studio.

This extraordinary hands-on learning experience is held one evening each month, for about an hour and a half, at the Reiki Energy Studio dojo, to work at a planetary and humankind scale.

It emcompases different areas and purposes:

  • Free monthly continuing education
  • Serves as volunteer time for both Vivian and her students
  • Allows her students to develop more confidence in their healing abilities, increase their vibration, expand their intuition & share with a like-minded community
  • and it is a space where they get to practice other techniques that otherwise they would miss, such as healing circles, planetary healing & Reiki for peace

Attending the PRA is a joyful expression of love for humankind, our planet and the Universe!

When I’m living in Medellín, I really appreciate and take advantage of connecting with Vivian’s Reiki community.
We take part in the PRA with other Reiki Practitioners where we participate in healing circles, healing for the planet and for peace. I always leave more aligned and re-energized after these practices.
I highly recommend studying and connecting with Reiki Energy Studio.

Ángela - Shakti Energy Ritual
Medellín, Colombia